Mr. Libinga Tauzeni

Council Chairperson.

Welcome to Kaoma Town Council

Kaoma District is situated on a plateau, East of the Barotse Flood Plain. The District lies between longitudes 24o28” degrees and 24o25” degrees East and Latitude 14o40” degrees and 15o00” degrees South. It borders with Mongu in the west, Nkeyema in the East, Lukulu in the North-West, Mufumbwe in the North–East and Luampa in the South.

The district has a total number of 18 wards, shared equally between its two constituencies of Mangango and Kaoma Central. As of 2022 census, the district has a total human population of 146,790, out of which 71,269 are male and 75,521 are female representing 48.6% and 51.4%, respectively.

Economically, Kaoma district has the advantage of abundant land and water resources which are ideal for livestock, fisheries, crops and forestry production. The district has traditionally focused on crop production; however, there is a continuous increase in the demand for livestock and timber products due to population growth, urbanisation and increased incomes. This increasing demand for livestock products provides the opportunity for economic transformation and job creation within the agriculture sector.

Mr. Sati Peter

Council Secretary

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